Gottman Couples Therapy

Gottman Couples Therapy

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I am a Florida licensed clinical psychologist, with more than nineteen years’ experience as an Associate Professor at the University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine. For sixteen years, I was the Director of the Child, Adolescent and Family Therapy Service and taught psychologists many therapeutic techniques using multiple models of therapy. As a result, I value the Gottman Method because of its proven, research-based approach to couples therapy and relationships. I've found it to be a highly effective therapy model that is easy to understand and helps couples to feel equally supported and understood.

The Gottman Model includes an on-line assessment tool based on numerous research studies and protocols. The assessment clearly identifies the problematic areas and provides a road map for repairing the relationship. In addition to office sessions, there are available handouts and written materials that give the couple guidance and a structure within which to work on their relationship outside the sessions.

The Gottman approach gives couples new insights to help them understand each other in a different way and significantly improve their communication skills. As a Gottman Level 3 therapist, I will recommend interventions that are appropriate to a couples particular needs. Please contact me at to design your personalized treatment plan.

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